Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 15

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In addition to being the most accomplished bodybuilder of his time, Arnold was easily the most photographed. Much of this was onstage, of course, but those iconic black-and-white training images from the 1970s that filled the books “Pumping Iron,” “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” and countless magazines afterward are just as timeless. Look at Arnold, Dave Draper, and Franco in Gold’s Gym, and you can practically hear the grunts and clanking iron. Maybe one of these images was in your locker or training journal; maybe one still is.

Venice Beach was a perfect locale for Arnold to express his mighty physique. Look at that biceps peak!

The greatest bodybuilder of all time unabashedly filled his life with images of motivating physiques when he was on his way up—and even after he had a pair of Mr. Universe titles to his name. He recounts in his most recent autobiography, “Total Recall” that when he was coming over to the U.S., he meditated on them regularly. “Being the best would really come down to beating champions like the guys whose pictures I had hanging all over the walls of my room: Reg Park, Dave Draper, Frank Zane, Bill Pearl, Larry Scott, Chuck Sipes, Serge Nubret,” he writes. “They had inspired me, and I said to myself, ‘These are the kinds of people I have to go through eventually.’ My victories had put me in their league, but I was the newcomer with a lot left to prove.”

You’ve got a lot left to prove in the remaining six weeks of this trainer, too. This week, find a classic photo of the Oak and put it someplace you know you’ll see it—the lock screen of your phone, maybe, or somewhere in your house. Don’t be self-conscious. Imagine yourself training alongside him, and let him push you like he pushed everyone who came in contact with him.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 15

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Paige Hathaway

1 day 22 hours ago

Who runs the world? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Sweet Sweat

Only YOU are in control of your future. What are you doing today to get yourself closer to your goals...? ✨ #grindtime

Paige Hathaway

3 days 21 hours ago

She was a true fighter..

You could see it in her eyes. She wasn’t born strong.. She was built strong. She didn’t come from the perfect home and even tho it may seem she were in the most favorable current situation, things were far from perfect. Despite her past, She kept her heart beautiful but her fight tough. She was focused, handling her own business and she made a decision to do more than just survive using courage, hard work and consistency.

Somedays she had no idea how she’d do it but she never made excuses or gave up and even when she failed, she got right back up. She learned that the hardest times in life were when she was transitioning from one version of herself to another.


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