Erin Stern Elite Body 4 Week Daily Fitness Trainer Day 24

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If your energy levels are low and you’re feeling depleted, take today completely off from exercise and focus on recovery. If you’re an advanced athlete or really want to push your results, perform the cardio and core workout below!

To begin your cardio session, warm up for 5 minutes on the treadmill, bike, or trail. After this brief warm-up, perform 30 minutes of high-intensity interval cardio. Base the intensity of each interval on how you feel. The intense intervals could be 15-second bursts or two-minute increases in tempo. Mix things up to keep each workout fresh, improve your cardiovascular endurance, and increase your anaerobic threshold.

The abdominal circuit should be performed three times per week. It’s scheduled at the end of day one, day three, and day five. If you’re using day three as a rest day though, perform the abs circuit at the end of the workout on day four or six.

Elite Body Meal Plan

Check out the table below to see what Erin eats on a daily basis. You don’t have to follow these meals exactly, but take some cues from Erin’s template: Eat 5-6 times per day, eat protein at every meal, stick to complex carbs, don’t skimp on healthy fats, and taper your carbohydrate intake as the day goes on. Follow these rules to build your own elite meal plan.

Because each of us has particular caloric and macronutrient needs, feel free to add or subtract calories, increase the protein, and make other adjustments. Be smart about your choices, stick to the same food categories, and try to adhere to the schedule. What you eat is just as important as what you do in the gym, if not more. There are a lot of healthy options in these example meals, so you shouldn’t ever feel deprived or hungry.

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Erin Stern Elite Body 4 Week Daily Fitness Trainer Day 24

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Paige Hathaway

1 day 11 minutes ago

You can do so much in 5 weeks! πŸ’ͺ🏼
Angelica Ramirez (@instaang87) was a top 10 finalist in my last 5 weeks challenge... I'm so excited for her transformation!

A healthy lifestyle is a work in progress, with ups and down but hopefully always moving forward toward learning more, making better choices, and living mindfully! If you make small changes and stay consistent you'll see incremental progression which will increase the likelihood that you will stick with the change and want to do more! πŸ‘‰πŸΌ It all starts with a choice and your health should be your first priority!

Join the thousands who have transformed their life in the #Fitin5 community! ....LIVE BOLD AND BLOOM.... 🌸✨

Paige Hathaway

1 day 6 hours ago

You're right... Guys don't like muscles on a girl.... They LOVE them 😝


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