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GymRat Fitness has been offering health and fitness advice to people across the world since 2004. Kev Rymell, editor in chief of Gym Rat Fitness has been a personal fitness trainer for over 25 years, training  elite runners and champion bodybuilders as well as the average person who just want to get fit or lose weight.

Everyone can benefit from his expertise  whether it is about diet, nutrition, getting fit, or upping your present training program or making sure you are doing the right things in your present fitness or health regime – he can help.


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Paige Hathaway

18 hours 53 minutes ago

What's the best way to burn fat you ask?

Mixing in HIIT training or plyo metrics to your lifting routine is the absolute best way (besides getting your diet in order) to burn fat and build muscle! Instead of resting in between sets.. add this move or moves similar! This will keep your heart rate up and core engaged! #hellosummerbody

This move: INCH WORM PUSH-UP BURPEES / 8-10 reps

Example of mixing this into your circuit:
Leg extension 12-15 reps
Leg press (quad focused feet positioning) 12-15 reps (normally you would rest here) but instead..
No rest and repeat x3-4
(your rest is basically you on the leg extension)
Music 🎶 American Teen #khalid

Paige Hathaway

1 day 3 hours ago

Midday/Preworkout snack Big Slice Apples
More importantly why I like this on the go pouch, is when I am moving around from shoot to shoot, meeting to meeting and gym session to gym session, #bigslice is the perfect snack to keep me going, when I need a quick boost. 😋🍎
............... Check them out #GNC #Sprouts #Wholefoods


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