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Medicine ball burpees

Place the medicine ball on the floor between your feet.

Bend down and place your hands on the ball.

Jump your feet back into the push-up position.

Jump your feet back in so that your feet are either side of the ball.

Grasp the ball and jump up into the air, lifting the ball above your head as you do so.

Land on the balls of your feet and bend forwards to place the ball back on the floor and repeat the sequence.


Medicine ball burpees

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4-week full body circuit by Nichelle Laus

Work up a sweat, tone and sculpt with this four-week total body workout by WH&F trainer Nichelle Laus.The workout:The following circuit can be performed three days per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.On the other days between (Tuesday and Thursday) perform moderate cardio for 20 minutes.Week 1: Perform 2–3 sets of the circuit with 1 minute in between exercises.Week 2: Perform 3–4 sets of the circuit with 1 minute in between exercises.Week 3: Perform 3–4 sets of the circuit with 30 seconds in between exercises.Week 4: Perform 3–4 sets of the circuit with as little time as possible between exercises.1. Dumbbel single arm split squat to pressPerform 8 reps per legAssume a split squat position with your left foot forward. Hold a moderately weighted dumbbell in your right hand. Hold the dumbbell at the height of your right shoulder and brace your core as you descend into the split squat

See the article here:

4-week full body circuit by Nichelle Laus

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Butt sculpting and core strengthening workout

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Want a killer butt and core? Forget separate core workouts. Adding this ingredient to your current moves will amplify results and sculpt your middle in one efficient session.

Why the bosu ball? “By adding an unstable surface, a BOSU ball increases activation of the rectus abdominus and facilitates extra activity per exercise than a stable surface would,” says Meaghan.

Words/workout: Meaghan TerzisPhotography: James Patrick.

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Butt sculpting and core strengthening workout

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Close-grip ball push-up

Close-grip ball push-up Target and strengthen your arms with the close-grip ball push-up.The Move: Close-Grip Ball Push-UpWhy: This is an advanced total body move that works not only triceps but pecs, delts and core as well.How: Secure the ball for minimal movement during exercise. Get in standard push-up position with hands on medicine ball under chest. Your left thumb and forefinger should touch your right thumb and forefinger. Brace your core with arms fully extended and keep elbows close to body.

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Close-grip ball push-up

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Fit Ball core twist - Women

Fit Ball core twist

Fit Ball core twist

Fit Ball core twist - Women's Health & Fitness

This exercise is great for strengthening your back and an ideal exercise to prepare for low-backed party dresses.

Exercise 2:

The bigger the fit ball, the harder this can be as you need to find the right spot.

Start by kneeling on the ground with the fit ball tucked in under your torso and against your hips. Roll your body over the ball with your hands behind your head, looking down.

Raise your upper body and twist to one side. Return to the start and repeat on the other side.

If you want to add some resistance and have a strong core, add a weight or medicine ball (hold it in your hands out in front). But only do this when you have truly mastered the base core exercise and strength. You should not feel any pressure on your neck.

Browse more workouts from head trainer Nikki Fogden-Moore.

Photo credit: Sam Frysteen


Fit Ball core twist

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Fit Ball core twist

Medicine ball pull-overs

Medicine ball pull-overs Work your chest and lats with this Medicine ball exercise.How to:Lie on a bench with your lower back supported and stabilised.Hold a medicine ball straight up in the air.Slowly lower the medicine ball behind your head as far as you can, keeping arms lengthened with a soft elbow bend.Squeeze your chest and triceps as you bring the ball back to the original position above your chest.

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Medicine ball pull-overs

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