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Medicine ball burpees

Place the medicine ball on the floor between your feet.

Bend down and place your hands on the ball.

Jump your feet back into the push-up position.

Jump your feet back in so that your feet are either side of the ball.

Grasp the ball and jump up into the air, lifting the ball above your head as you do so.

Land on the balls of your feet and bend forwards to place the ball back on the floor and repeat the sequence.


Medicine ball burpees

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Side lunges with kettlebell

How to:
Stand with feet together, holding a kettlebell with arms extended down.

Start by taking a giant step to your left with your left leg, keeping your body facing forward and your left foot facing slightly outward.

Bend your left knee and sit back slightly until your left thigh is parallel to the ground while keeping your right leg straight.

Pause, then push off your left foot to return to start, repeating with the right leg.

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Side lunges with kettlebell

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Step-up with a bicep curl

Step-up with a bicep curl Work your biceps, butt and legs with this fat-blasting workout from Nichelle Laus.How toStand with left foot on a sturdy bench, step, or chair with a dumbbell in each hand.Step up onto the bench and raise the right thigh so it’s parallel to floor; at the same time, curl weights up toward shoulders.Return to starting position, switch legs and repeat.NEXT: Browse more exercises for toned arms>>Photo credit: Dave Laus

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Step-up with a bicep curl

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Hip thrusts with Medicine Ball

Hip thrusts with Medicine Ball Target your glutes and hamstrings with hip thrusts.How to1. Lie on your back on the floor with your hands at your sides, your knees bent, and your heels on a small medicine ball.2. Tighten your abs and glutes, and thrust your hips upward off the ground towards the ceiling. Hold for a count, then lower yourself three-quarters of the way back to the floor, keeping your abs contracted, and repeat for the recommended number of repetitions.How many sets & reps?Week 1–2 5 sets 20–25 repsWeek 3–4 4 sets 15–18 repsWeek 5–6 3 sets 10–12 repsNEXT: Browse more A-list butt workouts>>Workout from Nichelle Laus (pictured); photo credit: Dave Laus

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Hip thrusts with Medicine Ball

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Stiff-legged dumbbell deadlifts

Stiff-legged dumbbell deadlifts Target your hamstrings and glutes with stiff-legged dumbbell deadlifts.How to1. Hold a pair of dumbbells at your side.2. Stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.3. Bend forward at the waist while keeping your back straight and lower the dumbbells to over the top of your feet until you feel a stretch on the hamstrings.4. Extend your hips and waist back up to the starting point.5

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Stiff-legged dumbbell deadlifts

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