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Step-up with a bicep curl

Step-up with a bicep curl Work your biceps, butt and legs with this fat-blasting workout from Nichelle Laus.How toStand with left foot on a sturdy bench, step, or chair with a dumbbell in each hand.Step up onto the bench and raise the right thigh so it’s parallel to floor; at the same time, curl weights up toward shoulders.Return to starting position, switch legs and repeat.NEXT: Browse more exercises for toned arms>>Photo credit: Dave Laus

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Step-up with a bicep curl

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Paige Hathaway

21 hours 53 minutes ago

That feeling when you get your meal prep!!
A big THANK YOU to Megafit Meals for being so tasty and keeping me on track! I'm super picky about meal prep food companies but they have never failed me!

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Paige Hathaway

23 hours 56 minutes ago

Life is tough but so are you.


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