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Creative exercises to do at your desk

Creative exercises to do at your desk Get moving with these creative desk moves by WH&F trainer Nichelle Laus before the sedentary fallouts kick in.BICEPS CURL – grab a paperweight, a small, filled water bottle, a stapler, or your handbag handle in your hand. While seated or standing, take the object in one hand with your palm facing upwards. Starting with your arms straight at your side, bend the elbow and curl the arm up towards your chest, hold, then lower back down. Repeat.CHEST CHAIR PUSH-UP
 – get into a push-up position and place hands on edge of sturdy chair, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. This is your starting position.

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Creative exercises to do at your desk

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Close-grip ball push-up

Close-grip ball push-up Target and strengthen your arms with the close-grip ball push-up.The Move: Close-Grip Ball Push-UpWhy: This is an advanced total body move that works not only triceps but pecs, delts and core as well.How: Secure the ball for minimal movement during exercise. Get in standard push-up position with hands on medicine ball under chest. Your left thumb and forefinger should touch your right thumb and forefinger. Brace your core with arms fully extended and keep elbows close to body.

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Close-grip ball push-up

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Seated triceps dumbbell press

Seated triceps dumbbell press Target and strengthen your arms with the seated triceps dumbbell press.The Move: Seated Triceps Dumbbell PressWhy: Doing seated dumbbell triceps presses allows you to concentrate specifically on strengthening. Isolated tricep exercises build muscle.How: Sit down on a bench and grasp a dumbbell with both hands and hold it overhead at arms length. Keeping your upper arms close to your head (elbows in) and perpendicular to the floor, lower the resistance behind your head until your forearms touch your biceps. Go back to the starting position by using the triceps to raise the dumbbell

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Seated triceps dumbbell press

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Dumbbell Step Ups

Personal Trainer Of The Month: Stacey Alexander

Vital Stats

We could tell you about Stacey Alexander, but her growing list of accomplishments and physique speak for themselves. In the last year, this IFBB bikini pro made her debut at both the Olympia Weekend and the Arnold Sports Festival, grabbing third and fifth places, respectively. She’s now officially on everyone’s radar as a threat to win whatever contest she enters, and the hard work to get her there happened at the gym she opened last year in Las Vegas, A-Team Training Center.

Stacey didn’t just open up a gym to be her personal show-prep playground, though. This CrossFit-certified coach and personal trainer loves sharing what she’s learned with up-and-coming bikini competitors and anyone, man or woman, who loves to train hard and live the fit life. Get to know her before she takes over the bikini world!

QTell us a little about your background.

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and have been actively involved in dance, gymnastics, and fitness since I was 4 years old. I was a member of a professional dance team for six years, starting at the age of 8. We performed at halftime for the NBA and the NFL, as well as many other stage performances and special events in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

I have also danced professionally on stage at several Las Vegas casinos and nightclubs for New Year’s Eve and other special performances. Most recently, I co-hosted Tao Boot Camp at the Venetian Hotel and Casino with Sgt. Harry from Celebrity Fit Club.


For the past four years I have been the sole instructor and creator of KickFit, a unique form of high-intensity cardio kickboxing. Last April, I opened up my gym in Las Vegas: the A-Team Training Center.

When and why did you become a trainer? What’s your style?

I began my training career in 2009. Health and fitness have always been my passion and lifestyle. I have learned a lot throughout the years as an athlete and a trainer. It is great to be able to pass that knowledge on to others to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

My training style depends on the client’s needs. Circuit training is definitely my favorite style, because you are constantly staying active and there are little rest periods. My motto is: “Always keep moving!”

Tell us a little about A-TEAM Training Center.


“We offer personal training for both groups and individuals, specialty KickFit and Booty Group fitness classes, bikini posing, and contest prep.”

A-Team Training Center is a functional fitness facility centrally located in Las Vegas. We offer personal training for both groups and individuals, specialty KickFit and Booty Group fitness classes, bikini posing, and contest prep.

A-Team transcends the average gym and creates a one-stop shop for like-minded individuals who work hard but play harder. We believe that with the right attitude, you have the power the change the course of your life. Positivity breeds success!

Do you have examples of success stories from clients using your methods?

Yes, we have many success stories. My head trainer, Victoria Bilalyan, has lost 40 pounds training with me. Last January she left her career as a full-time accountant to become a full-time personal trainer. Her story is truly inspiring and motivating for our clients. My sister Julie Alexander has also lost about 45 pounds by training with us consistently and attending our group fitness classes.

We also train many NPC and IFBB bikini competitors. Coach Kim Oddo and I have joined forces to create the Las Vegas branch of the Oddo’s Angels team called the 702 Angels. So far, our team has been unstoppable!

All of my clients are really special to me. I enjoy working with all types of clients, whether it be for competition, weight loss, or overall wellbeing. The majority of my clients are women. However, I do have a few male clients, and they’re surprised at how hard my workouts can be.


How has being an FMG athlete and working with Kim Oddo helped you reach the top of the IFBB?

I have been an FMG Athlete since Feb 2011. I love our team! J.M. and Debbie Manion are like family. They go above and beyond for us and I am truly blessed to be a part of Team FMG.

I have been with coach Kim Oddo since Jan 2011. He helped me improve my body dramatically once I started training with him. He is a great coach, friend, and mentor who has taught me a lot. Now I am able to pass this knowledge along to our 702 Angels who train with me at A-Team Training Center. Kim is great at the programming, but he should definitely leave the bikini posing up to me.

Can you please you give us an example diet and training program you put together for your clients?

Here is an example of one of my leg workouts.

Sample Diet:

  • Almonds Halibut
    5 oz
  • Almonds Salad
    1 small salad (with oil and vinegar)
  • Almonds Veggies
    1 cup

What are the most common mistakes a client makes?

Mostly people make diet mistakes. They cheat on food, and some clients are not eating enough food. I do weekly weigh-ins with all of my clients to make sure that they stay on track and are accountable.

What are the most common mistakes you believe a trainer makes?

Not paying attention to safety is a common mistake that I have seen time and time again. It is important to pay attention to your clients and explain the proper way to perform exercises safely. If not, there is risk of injury to themselves and to others around them.


“Not paying attention to safety is a common mistake that I see time and time again.”

Do you set your clients up with a full diet and training plan for them to follow by themselves?

Yes, I provide clients with full diet and training programs. However, if they are competitors, Coach Kim Oddo supplies and monitors all of their diet programs. He is the best in the business when it comes to that!

You’re a trainer, but you’re also an IFBB pro bikini competitor. How do you stay motivated for both?

My clients motivate me every single day! I also like to look at my progress pictures to improve and progress. Being an IFBB Pro Bikini competitor is kind of like being in a competition against yourself. You always strive to bring a better package each and every show.

I also like to change the scenery of my workouts to keep myself interested and motivated. Outdoor workouts are my favorite!

As for my clients, I keep them motivated with positive feedback. I always keep my energy levels high and make their time in the gym exciting to push them through those tough workouts. This is especially important when they are close to show time and are on low carbs. I also like to dance around in between sets!

Do you train a male client differently than a woman? Do you have a preference?

Yes and no. I still use the same circuit training type workout style for men. However, with men there are different areas of the body that we like to focus on. For example, we use more chest exercises for men. Also, depending on their goals, we’ll use more weight and fewer reps if they are looking to gain muscle.

Honestly, I don’t have a preference. I like to train both male and female clients. I like to train women because I like to build booties, and men because I like to kick their butts!

Do you ever feel like a psychologist as well as a personal trainer?

Yes! This is especially important when my girls are close to show time. They are low on carbs and calories, which makes them extra emotional at times. But we always push through together and get it done!

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Personal Trainer Of The Month: Stacey Alexander

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Erin Stern Elite Body 4 Week Daily Fitness Trainer Day 27

As you progress through the program, push yourself from 30 to 40 seconds of high-intensity work for every minute of low intensity.

Today’s interval workout is the last training day of Elite Body. It’s no time to slack off or sandbag. Now is the time to push harder and sprint faster. Think of the last three weeks as practice rounds leading up to this one workout. It’s time to show the world (and yourself) what you can do and how you’ve improved!

  • Warm-Up
  • Jogging-Treadmill Jogging-Treadmill Walking, Jogging, or Rope Jumping
    5 minutes
  • IntervalsIntervals Dynamic Sprint Drills: A Skip
    20 meters
  • IntervalsIntervals Dynamic Sprint Drills: B Skip
    20 meters
  • IntervalsIntervals Dynamic Sprint Drills: Straight-Leg Short
    20 meters
  • IntervalsIntervals High Knees
    20 meters
  • Intervals Intervals HIIT Cardio
    10 rounds: 30 seconds high intensity followed by 30 seconds low intensity. Use bike, treadmill, elliptical, or other equipment
  • Cool-Down
  • Jogging-Treadmill Jogging-Treadmill Walking
    5 minutes

Elite Body Meal Plan

Check out the table below to see what Erin eats on a daily basis. You don’t have to follow these meals exactly, but take some cues from Erin’s template: Eat 5-6 times per day, eat protein at every meal, stick to complex carbs, don’t skimp on healthy fats, and taper your carbohydrate intake as the day goes on. Follow these rules to build your own elite meal plan.

Because each of us has particular caloric and macronutrient needs, feel free to add or subtract calories, increase the protein, and make other adjustments. Be smart about your choices, stick to the same food categories, and try to adhere to the schedule. What you eat is just as important as what you do in the gym, if not more. There are a lot of healthy options in these example meals, so you shouldn’t ever feel deprived or hungry.


Elite Strength Stack

Support strength, growth,
and recovery with this protein, bcaa, and pre-workout combo!*

“Day & Night” Protein Stack

Support muscle growth and recovery with this whey,
casein, and ZMA combo!*

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Erin Stern Elite Body 4 Week Daily Fitness Trainer Day 27

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