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5 scientific ways to burn more fat

Fat loss tips that are PROVEN to work. Trust us, we asked the scientists.”We accumulate stored fat very fast,” says Dr Pablo Enriori, from Monash University’s Neurophysiology research group. “In 15 minutes you’re going to get a lot of insulin in circulation. This is induced to accumulate fat in tissue as well as used in […]

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6 fitness models reveal their diet secrets

We asked 6 fitness models to share their diet secrets. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.Andrea Albright’s diet secretsMy number one weight loss secret is my trademarked phrase, Count Chemicals, Not Calories!™.This will the stop calorie-counting obsession that the diet industry has brainwashed us into believing.One of the biggest changes in my diet, and subsequently my […]

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11 reasons to lose weight

11 reasons to lose weight Struggling to lose weight? Here are 11 reasons to drop a dress size.The pros of weight loss extend far beyond being able to flaunt your new look in skin-tight jeans. Think: Glowing skin Relief from arthritis Improved moods Better memory Improved sleeping patterns Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes Lower […]

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Brooke Stacey’s total body workout

Get your heart rate pumping with this total body workout by February 2017 cover model Brooke Stacey.This total body workout is as much about balance and coordination training as it is about building strength. This means you not only train the whole body, but you also make your entire body a stronger and more cohesively […]

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Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway

11 hours 1 minute ago

Worst gym pickup like ever:
Damn girl, Imma call that ass “avocado” cause it’s the good kind of fat..... 🦗 🦗

- What’s the worst or best lol pick up line you’ve either heard or said?!

Paige Hathaway

1 day 12 hours ago

I’m heading somewhere today...✈️
If you can guess where I’m traveling too... (I know it’s a shot in the dark) but first person that guesses where I’m going gets a shoutout on my Snapchat! 1,2,3 GO ..... 🌎🤔


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