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How to count macros

How to count macros Although counting macronutrients can seem daunting at first, you may be suprised at how easy it is once you get the hang of it. Check out our basic guide below.Step 1:Adopt A Macros RatioMost experts who use macros suggest dividing the Big 3 macronutrients into these ratios:»Protein: 35% or 40%»Carbs: 50% or 40%»Fats: 15% or 20%Try this approach and then tweak to find what works best for you.Step 2:Set Your Kilojoule IntakeWork out how many kilojoules you need to maintain or lose weight, depending on your goal.Step 3:Calculate Grams»Carbs: 1 gram = roughly 16 kJ (4 calories)»Protein: 1 gram = roughly 16 kJ (4 calories)»Fats: 1 gram = roughly 37 kJ (9 calories)Step 4:Allocate macrosWork out roughly how you want to divvy your macros into meals over a day. “I usually suggest that the higher energy carbs are eaten earlier in the day,” says personal trainer Daniel Tramontana, from Vision Personal Training at Brighton, Victoria. “Then later you can eat carbs in the form of fibrous vegetables and salad foods. I encourage people to eat protein at every meal, based on their body weight, and to have their healthy fats in later meals to assist the absorption and conversion of the nutrients.”Want to know more at macros and how to fine-tune your approach

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