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We are Women; We are Strong. We are Sexy. We are Confident.
A Gym Rat is Re-Defined and is Proud to be Fit & Focused.

So welcome to the #GymRat Family, an ever expanding group of like minded Women, focused on fitness, and becoming better versions of ourselves with every day that passes.

Our clothing is Bold, it is Bright and it is Beautiful. The Functional thought process in each design ensures ‘squat proof’ fabric, breathable ‘second skin’ feel material and stretch comfort to accommodate all ranges of movement.


A Gym Rat doesn’t wait for opportunity.
A Gym Rat goes out and finds it.
The hardest worker in the room, bar none.
A Gym Rat knows no excuses, only 100% commitment, true to the end.
Passion, Dedication and Heart are what drive a Gym Rat to success.


Fashion meets Fitness with no half measures in this brand of the bold.

It is so important to Gym Rat Inc. that all athletes and people involved are humble, passionate and dedicated. We are not interested in throwing products to high profile social media influencers just for the sake of it.

We are normal people, with a passion for fitness, and progress.
None of us are perfect, and it is in our imperfections that we find strength together.

Fun, stylish and comfortable fitness wear that can be used in the gym and for everyday life.
We take pride in the material, the fit, and the feel. Meticulous in the finer things that stand Gym Rat Inc. head and shoulders ahead.

The focus has always been on providing the best quality, comfortable and functional fitness & gym clothing designed with love for anyone that shares our passion for the Fitness Lifestyle.

From design conception right through to testing and execution, the Gym Rat team take pride in delivering fitness fashion that looks & feels amazing!


Established at the beginning of 2012, Gym Rat Inc began life as a startup passion company in a bedroom with a desire to bring something new and real to the industry of health, fitness and bodybuilding fashion.

The industry was dull, the gym clothing in the market was all the same, nothing really catered for what body builders and fitness enthusiasts really wanted to wear.

Gym Rat Inc. filled the hole initially focusing on female fitness enthusiasts and gym goers everywhere. Bold and Bright designs became the flagship that made Gym Rat what it was. Contour fitted apparel with specific cuts and fits for girls everywhere interested in lifting.

Look good & feel good in the Gym Rat Inc Functional Aesthetic Gym Apparel.

The team continues to grow and grow, and we are blessed to say we have a wonderful team of passionate ambassadors and supporters from across the globe.


Delivery takes between 2-5 days depending on stock levels.


If you need to return an item, just get in touch with us to arrange the return delivery including a note of the order number and whether you want a refund of exchange.
Terms & Conditions here.

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Paige Hathaway

20 hours 46 minutes ago

In my story, the princess saved herself ✨
She no longer allowed herself be defined by the struggles in her life. Instead she chose to amplify the things that gave her joy and she looked into the future with such courage it would scare you. She finally learned to stop making other people the authors of her life. That’s when she found her own voice, made her own rules and very much lived her own life. She did not ask permission to make her dreams come true, nor did she wait for others to share her confidence in the path she set for herself because she knew the right people would eventually catch up. Throughout her life she made some questionable choices, many of which led to difficult circumstances but the most important choice she ever made was to give herself a second chance. She wanted something else, something different, something more... and that’s what she became. Now she is the queen of her own castle and everyday is the beginning of a brand new adventure.

Paige Hathaway

1 day 14 hours ago

From me to you.. Good luck in all you do. Whatever you’re up against, don’t show signs of nervousness or fear. Show them the face of someone who has already won. Show them your inner power. Your inner power called self faith. You have to see yourself winning before you win. You have to see yourself already completing your goal. How does this feeling of accomplishment make you feel? Imagine that feeling in your soul. Manifest it in your own reality. Be hungry, find that burning desire in your heart. Don’t just sit at home on your couch.. go out there and conquer your life. Have so much faith in your abilities and in yourself that people around you feel your energy and believe in you too. If you have a heartbeat then you still have time to make your dreams a reality. Happy Monday my lovely people.. Let’s stop telling people about our dreams and just start showing them.


October 2017
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