THINK OF A workout as a big wheel. The hub is your main exercise—the one that drives most of the changes you’d like to see—and the spokes are the other lifts that help promote progress on the main lift and train the muscles it doesn’t hit.

The program that follows will have you specializing in one hub exercise that promotes fat loss in each session, and supporting it with spoke exercises that build muscle and torch calories, rolling you toward a leaner body inside of one month.


This program’s two hub exercises are the kettlebell swing and the goblet squat—mainly lower-body lifts that activate a lot of muscle mass. You’ll alternate them with other exercises that will ultimately train the whole body.

We have you repeating the hub exercises because they’re the most important. They do the most to improve work capacity, developing your ability to train hard enough to burn the calories you need to see measurable fat loss in short order.

Note that you’re welcome to substitute other exercises for some of the spoke lifts over the course of the four weeks if you prefer, but don’t change the hubs.


Alternate the workouts (Days I and II) for three total sessions each week. Rest a day in between. So you’ll do Day I twice the first week and Day II twice the second week.

In each session, you’ll alternate your “hub” exercise with its “spoke” exercises. So on Day I you’ll do kettlebell swings interspersed with pushups, lunges, and rows, resting as little as possible between each move. Perform the workouts as shown—that’s one round. Repeat the whole routine once more for two rounds. Remember: The exercises that force most of the changes in your body are worth repeating.

Each week thereafter, you can add one round to the workout.