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Get Fit, Look Your Best with HYGEAR

The new home gym and personal trainer

Hyfit Gear 1

Smart Fitness Training System

Experience the latest in smart home gym equipment with the Hyfit Gear 1 smart resistance band + Hyfit Fitness App. Crush your workout goals with a unique combination of resistance training, real-time stats, and endless exercise options to improve strength, muscle tone, endurance, power, range of motion, and more.


Use these strength bands at home, in the gym, or on-the-go to track all of your fitness stats in real-time and see your progress right in the Hyfit App.

Gear 1’s smart sensors detect your resistance, calories burned, and force while counting your reps and exercise duration. Your AI Coach in the Hyfit App uses this biometric data to tailor your next workout to your specific needs.


Resistance ………………. 5lbs – 22lbs
Max User Weight ………. 150 kg
Output Port …………….. Micro USB
Charge Time ……………. 2 hrs
Connectivity ……………. Android & iOS
Weight ……………………. 3.9lbs

Box Includes: Ankle & Wrist Straps, Door Anchor Clip, Foreign Anchor Clip, Ergonomic Handles, Adjustable Smart Resistance Bands

About Hyfit

Hyfit was founded out of necessity – we were three childhood friends struggling to maintain our workout routines as our lives became too busy for fitness with work, travel, and family obligations.

We struggled to find portable workout solutions that offered truly dynamic and motivating fitness training. So we made our own, harnessing the scientifically-proven benefits of resistance training and cutting-edge technology in the world’s first true smart resistance training system: Gear 1.


  • ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUT PERFORMANCE: Crush your fitness goals like never before with Hyfit Gear 1 – a smart resistance band that uses sensor technology to track your exercise stats and pairs with our fitness app to deliver workouts tailored to your needs.

  • TRACK YOUR STATS WITH THE HYFIT APP: Measure your fitness stats in real-time including reps, exercise duration, resistance, calories burned, and more. The Hyfit App uses data from your workouts to help you improve and maximize results.


  • FIND YOUR PERFECT WORKOUT PROGRAM: With the Hyfit App, access a virtual Coach who gives you personalized training recommendations, or choose from our library of 200+ step-by-step, guided programs that motivate you to crush your fitness goals at any level.


  • WORKOUT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: All you need is a 6’x6’ space and as little as 20 minutes to get a full body, gym-quality workout. This lightweight smart fitness system makes it easy to do resistance training at home or on-the-go. No installation needed!


  • THE FITNESS ROUTINE FOR YOU: There are many different exercises you can do with Gear 1 to stay motivated and hit your fitness goals. These anti-snap exercise bands anchor to any secure surface to train any muscle group and sport up to 44 lbs of resistance, which can be easily adjusted on the fly to challenge you at any level.

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